BackBlaze Setup for Filestore

Hi guys so here is my working BackBlaze setup for filestore Module:
Using the S3 Module
Local Display Name: whatever you want to call it
Bucket Name: your bucket name from BackBlaze
AWS Region: Doesn’t matter as you will be inputting your own
AWS Access Key: your-application-key-id from backblaze - Under your Applicaton Keys when you create one
AWS Secret: your-application-key from backblaze - Under Your Application Keys when you create one
Path : /

Advance Tab:
Custom Endpoint:: <your Endpoint url of your bucket from backblaze)
Custom Region: blank

Works Great

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When I added the code to do custom endpoints this is exactly what I had in mind, I use backblaze for my personal computers. Happy to see someone set it up.

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Thank you so much

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