Backblaze B2 - S3 compatible

Hi there…

Following the recent post of backing up to Backblaze B2 - S3 compatible ** what an exciting feature ** I wanted to give it a try but haven’t gotten it to work

I have filled out

local display name: bucket
Bucket name: my Bucket Unique Name in Backblaze [this seems to be a key setting]
AWS region: ohio (the default)
AWS Access Key: Backblaze bucket app “KeyID”
AWS Secret: Backblaze bucket app key
Path: / (the default)

Custom endpoint:
Custom region: left blank

Run the backup and the logs report: saving to selected Filestore locations
Saving to: S3:'Backblaze B2 local display name setting ’ instance ,File location: /20230109-175844-1673308724-16.0.30-885689609.tar.gz

and reports no issues

But there is no file … I’m assuming files uploaded via the s3 storage protocol would show up in the Backblaze bucket browse files option …

so I’ve tinkered with the Bucket name: my Bucket Unique Name in Backblaze
and in some cases it will then add the bucket name as a prefix to the URL ? not sure what to make of that … which results in a 400 error

Furthermore … checking the backup and restore >> Restore tab, nothing is there

There is another topic on this … but its already closed so forgive some duplicate

Thanks !


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