Back up and restore CDR afterwards


Just wondering if anyone knows, can I backup the config from a FreePBX 13 machine, test it out and get it working, then make the switch. At the time when I make the switch, there may be some more CDR call log data, can I somehow run another import to bring over the call data that happened in between the switch over?

Yea, you simply create another backup job and just backup the CDR data and restore just that newly created backup file.

Hi, thank you for this mate. Sounds like then if you backup the CDR and import it to another machine, then a week later do it again, the 2nd import won’t clash with the 1st? Its smart enough to know its already imported some records and ignore/overwrite them, not duplicate?

At worst it just overwrites them with the same values. I’ve never seen them duplicated.

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