Ayuda con mi troncal

Buenas como estan, soy un estudiante y apenas estoy aprendiendo a usar esto. Sucede que nos mandaron como asignación que dos pbx en distintos sitios se conecten, lo estamos haciendo por pjsip, hago la troncal la ruta de salida y de entrada y aun asi no puedo realizar ni recibir llamadas. Me percate que cuando accedo a la parte de informacion me sale que la troncal esta offline y no se como activarla.

Are both locations on the same LAN subnet? If not, the traffic is likely being blocked by a NAT router or firewall. From the command line of PBX A, you should be able to ping the IP address of PBX B, and vice-versa. If you can’t, fix that first.

Assuming that you are not using registration, the trunk will show as online if OPTIONS requests receive a response. By default they are sent every 60 seconds. You can run sngrep at both ends to see whether these requests are being sent and what replies, if any, are present.

If you still have trouble, post screenshots of the trunk settings at both ends.

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