Avoid dropped calls between Zulu and free

We are using FreePBX (version We have from time to time the issue that our internal Zulu clients disconnect and connect again in the middle of a call.

What we have observed so far is:

  1. It usually happens on longer calls
  2. If it happens Zulu reconnects right away without any issue, just the call is gone
  3. We have a feeling that it could be related to the network connection between Zulu and FreePBX (usually via VPN through the internet)

Q: Are there any settings that I could tweak in FreePBX to tolerate network issues? We would rather loose a second of audio then drop the call.

Q: The calls usually come from external parties via a queue. If our agents with Zulu drop the call due to whatever reason is there a way to not hang up on the external party but put them back in the queue or somewhere else?

Zulu is basically dead and you should be on their new softphone client now.

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