AVM Fritz ISDN problem

This week I installed a AVM Fritz PCI card.
After reading many forums and how-to’s I managed to get the card working for so far as I can see. Using dmegs I can see the drivers are loaded and the card is active. I also managed to setup a trunk for the ISDN adapter.
However … both on incomming and outgoing calls nothing is happening. The SIP trunks are working fine, but the ISDN seems to be totaly dead.

So my question is: is there a possability to monitor the ISDN card to see if there is any activity on the line ? Because the adapter seems to be installed properly the problem must has to be the settings or the ISDN line (a normal ISDN phone is working on that line).

Thanks for any suugestions.


Got it working now !
Thanks for all the help everybody.


Please - I need also to install this, any recommendation how to ?