Avaya Support

Hi all,

My PBX system is now starting to take shape, All soft phones can now receive inbound calls and can transfer between one another.

I have been given a Avaya 1603 phone to use. When looking in end point manager there is no Avaya system. Can Avaya phones work with this software? plus am i am able to get an Avaya add on for the end point manager?

If Avaya phones can not work with this software, then i shall return this phone and stick with soft phones until a physical phone is required.

Any help and information would be great!


The endpoint manager won’t configure that phone, it’s one that has never been tested, however it supports SIP so it should work fine.

Assuming you have the SIP software loaded on the phone you can just program it with the FreePBX extension information from the keypad.

Here is the link to the Avaya doc.


Hi Fella,

I was hoping you would say that, I printed off that document as well, So fingers crossed, like you said i should be able to program it and start using it!

Thanks for the information! been a great help!