Avaya SIP connected trunk outbound dialing by DID


We have an Avaya PBX connected by SIP trunk to our freePBX PBX. We want to set up an outbound route for 911 so the Avaya PBX can dial out, allowing only one of several DIDs the Avaya sends us to complete.

The Avaya PBX outputs several DIDs depending on which Avaya connected extension is dialing out. We only want to let one particular DID pass through the outbound route for 911 dialing.

What pattern match will allow this? I have tried every possible combination I can think of.

Thank you

Are you sending 911 calls made on the Avaya to Freepbx and you want to sends the same callerID on all 911 calls?

The Avaya passes us several DIDs, we want to only allow one of those DIDs to connect to emergency services. We want to configure the outbound route pattern to only allow certain DIDs to pass calls to emergency services.

We want to allow only certain caller IDs to pass to 911, not all the same.

You’re mixing up your terms and making this really confusing.

Asterisk is a back to back user agent, so a call comes in and gets processed. If another call needs to be originated, it will call out for you.

So, having said that, let me see if I can figure out what you are telling us. You have your Avaya system set up to connect to the FreePBX server and want to pass calls from the Avaya out to the SIP trunks. When you place a call, the number you want to dial is presented to the FreePBX server as the DID (since the number is inbound to the FreePBX Server). The Caller ID for the call is set by the Avaya server and should be passed out to the outbound call.

In the case of a 911 call, you either want the caller ID associated with that call to be from specific Caller IDs on your Avaya server or from specific extensions on your FreePBX server.

There are two parts to the answer, if the above is correct:

  1. You can limit who can access outbound routes by limiting the outbound routes using the Caller ID field in the outbound route. If the CID doesn’t match (which will be extension/CID matches from your Avaya system) the next outbound route will be tried. This answers the original question, but leads us to the second answer.
  2. You can identify an “Emergency” outbound route and hard code the Caller ID for the server. I think you can also set this up with CID matching, so you can set up multiple Emergency Routes that have different Caller IDs associated.

In the US, a recent law mandates that every phone in your enterprise has to be able to access 911 directly. This means that you can’t limit who can call 911, so giving you a solution that prevents certain phones from being able to connect directly to 911 is not legal, and none of us should want to expose ourselves to that risk. If, on the other hand, you want the Caller ID for your unfettered 911 calls to match a specific location code (associated with a phone number, for example), there are a couple of ways of doing that.

My apologies for any confusion. I am usually the lowest common denominator.

The issue we are facing has nothing to do with the extensions on the freePBX.

The folks on the SIP trunk connected Avaya all dial out with a different DIDs per extension. With emergency services we list the main DID/address as this is where emergency services will go.

We want to convert any of the incoming numbers to the main registered DID to go out to emergency services.

1231231234 dials 911 and we send 3213214321 to emergency services as this is the main number for the company.

We do not have a DID set for the trunk so that individual extensions on the Avaya system can output their own individual extension DIDs.

We only need to address this conversion for 911 the the Avaya PBX. We certainly want all phones to be able to reach 911, we just want to tailor what DID is presented

Do all 911 calls made from an Avaya extension go through your FreePBX server?

Then have an emergency outbound route for 911 calls only and force your CallerID that you have registered with E911 at your provider.

Is that Avaya Aura/CM or IP office?
On Avaya Aura/CM you can also manipulate the CallerID that is sent through change public-unkown-numbering

Thank you for your suggestion. I will give that a try. I was originally thinking I could do this all through one outbound emergency route, addressing each DIDs through the outbound route pattern. We mange call flow on our Class 4 like this. We set some Python code to manage translations. I was hoping to do something similar here.

Hi, Still a bit lost. We have a few DIDs we need to address for 911. How can we match several different DIDs at the same time? I was thinking this could be managed using the Dial Patterns feature, but cannot figure the pattern, I’ve tried everyone I could think of with no success.

I can use a seperate outbound route per DID if required, but I still cannot get the 911 outbound route to flow.

The 911 dialing outbound throws: sent to invalid extension but no invalid handler: context,exten,priority=outbound-allroutes,911,2

You keep misusing the terms in ways that don’t make sense in a Asterisk VOIP PBX. Asterisk is a Back to Back User Agent, so there’s no such thing as a single call - all calls have at least two legs, one inbound and one (or more) outbound. Inbound and outbound calling are separate things. An outbound call doesn’t have a DID. It has a destination (which in the case of a call to 911 would be “911”) and it has a Caller ID (which should be the extension you are calling from, unless you are setting the Caller ID to something else.

911 calls are outbound, and DIDs are exclusively for inbound, so I’m still not clear what you are trying to say. You can’t address a DID to an outbound route - it’s like saying “the big toe on my arm.”

I can’t help you on the Avaya (@avayax is probably going to be your go-to guy for that). On the FreePBX system, there are several people (a few of whom have tried to help) that can help you.

So, what we need is some specifics - a log extract from the FreePBX server would help. Show us a failed “911” call so that we can figure out what you are trying to do.

To be clear - there is no way this should be as hard as it seems to be on the FreePBX side. This should be almost automatic, and anything that isn’t should be a click and a Caller ID match number and off you go.

Hello, and thank you very much for the time you took to respond.

We have 4 stores each with its own premises based PBX. 2 PBXs are NEC, one Avaya, and one Grandstream. Each location has multiple extensions, each with their own DID.

When someone dials 911 a DID is presented to emergency services which provides the service with the registered 911 address.

We have one DID registered per location with 911 services. For calls to 911 we want to send only one DID per each PBX connected trunk to 911 services. Is the ‘dial pattern’ caller id the DID or is it the the Name?

I’m thinking name, but Caller ID can be a DID then that might resolve this.

Okay then, set the caller ID to the DID and “Bob’s your uncle!” Thank you everyone for your replies and valued incite.

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