Avaya Might Go Bankrupt Again

I know some people have Avaya systems in conjunction with their FreePBX boxes. It doesn’t look good for them.

Another Avaya Bankruptcy Pending? Company Launches Investigations (channelfutures.com)

Avaya execs have “substantial doubt” that it can continue as a viable business. At least one analyst thinks bankruptcy could be on the table for the second time in five years

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Not surprising. Starting in 2007, they sold out to private equity companies (TPG/Silver Lake) and laid off all their knowledgeable employees. Next they sold off all the intellectual property and patents. They outsourced project management and sent sales and service to business partners while Cisco took more and more market share. The company was effectively dead by 2012 but managed to hang on until now.

It is a real shame since the Avaya PBX line, though proprietary, is one of the finest systems in the world for contact centers. Among other failures, they became IP and VOIP aware too late to survive. RIP Avaya.

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What about:
The way Avaya seems to be paired / partnered with RingCentral.
All the stuff they seem to be doing with “cloud VoIP”
Panasonic logic seems to be doing nearly the same thing.

What I think is cool:
I enjoy using the H.323 Avaya 9608 phones (as remote endpoints)
Makes me feel like it is a time warp back to about 2005-2006.
It is a clean way for a remote-worker in a pinch without having to have any IP (SIP) endpoint licenses (using built in licenses for remote workers).

Seconded, truly there is not a lot of comparison out there.

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