Avaya J179 Telephone Support?

Has anyone made this phone with FreePBX?
Can you tell how you did it?

The Avaya J179

Minimum Platform Support

  • Avaya Aura® Platform 6.3 FP4
  • Avaya IP Office™ 11.0
  • Broadsoft Broadworks R21SP1
  • Zang Office R1.0

I’m not convinced you can get here from there.

Thanks for the response.
So you purchase a SIP phone to be locked down?


Sangoma did it. Cisco did it. Avaya did it. Doesn’t seem that strange to me.

I guess things are coming full circle

Good for us I think.

And Cisco purchased Broadsoft and will stop selling On Prem?

Did you buy this phone(s) or are you just curious if they should be purchased? If you haven’t bought them then look at non-PBX specific phones like Polycom, Yealink or even the Cisco SPA series. Those are agnostic to PBX systems. Or you can get Sangoma phones and have full integration to the PBX.

If you already bought them then you just need to add the Host/User/Password in the phone for the account and see if they work. If they don’t, then it means Asterisk isn’t an approved Avaya platform.

Tom, no Avaya just send me a kit of working phones and then ship this one to me to keep.

I like the looks of Polycom phones. But who knows if they will continue to sell phones. OBI is now a Plantronics and looks to be at the hart of the new VXX phones.

Mitel is removing most of the open SIP stuff, making me re-think my commitment to them. Will Mitel continue to support the open SIP phone?

“Open SIP” means follows SIP standards. For example, Non-SPA Cisco phones are designed for the UCM and do not follow SIP standards for how they do certain things. Other platforms such as BroadSoft or even PBX systems have add on features that work over SIP but require both the phone and the system side to support custom headers or body content of the messages. So basically “Open SIP” means it should just work on any platform for basic stuff.

And yes, Platronics leveraged Polycom hardware with Obi software in the new models of the VVX series but these are not replacement models they have just expanded the family.

Avaya can simple confirm if this phone can work with Asterisk. You can ask them and get a definitive answer.

I imagine a lot of this will be transferrable to what you are trying to do.

So whats the deal with Obi? I thought it was just another SIP phone.

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