Avaya CM 5.0 to FreePBX H.323 trunks disconnect within 30 minutes

HI All,

First time posting, so please excuse any procedural miscues.

Customer does not have SIP licensing, so we have h.323 configured.

I have a client that has an Avaya communication manager connected to an Asterisk FreePBX via h323 IP trunks.

The trunks work for inbound and outbound calling, no issues with the configuration in that regard, however, within 30 minutes of the IP trunks being brought into service the trunks lose registration. Bouncing the Sig group on the Avaya restores the trunks for up to 30 minutes. Disconnect times are random, the longest they have stayed in service is 30 minutes.

I suspect there is a timer on the FreePBX that is looking for something from the Avaya to keep the trunk group in service, and FreePBX is not getting what it’s looking for.

Any ideas on timers or keep alive settings that may need to be looked at?

The following blogpost was used to review configurations and there are no discrepancies in programming on either system that we can identify.

Currently we are spinning up another FreePBX instance to see if the new server will also drop during the 30 minute interval.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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