Avaya + Asterisk & Call Backs

SNG7, FreePBX14/Asterisk 13


We have built out a system to add Asterisk services to our mainly Avaya shop. One of these services is a callback assist.

Call comes in to Asterisk**>Callfile generated based on caller inputs>Asterisk calls back>**Caller presses 1 and is sent to a 10-digit number(go to misc destination), to our Avaya queue.

The trunk between our Avaya Communication Manager (Avaya Switch/PBX) and Asterisk is Session Manager (SIP Router, like Kamailio). This has been working great for over a year.

We upgraded our Avaya Communication and Session Managers last weekend and something strange started happening. After the call routes to the Avaya queue (via misc destination), an agent on an Avaya endpoint picks up.

When the agent on the far (Avaya) end puts the caller on hold, instead of hearing Avaya music on hold, the caller is hearing the Asterisk music on hold.

After confirming this behavior myself, when I look at the full log, I see it happening, the Avaya agent is placing the call on hold on his end, but Asterisk is invoking hold music:
[2018-07-02 07:15:47] VERBOSE[25884][C-00033fbb] res_musiconhold.c: Started music on hold, class ‘default’, on channel ‘SIP/AVAYA-2-0003df3c’
[2018-07-02 07:15:55] VERBOSE[25884][C-00033fbb] res_musiconhold.c: Stopped music on hold on SIP/AVAYA-2-0003df3c

The problem with this is that sometimes the agent comes back (from hold) and there is no one there, the caller is still hearing asterisk hold music.


  • Any ideas on why asterisk is controlling the caller side when the far side is taking action?

  • I have our Avaya guys looking at this, but other than what I shared, I do not see a lot of information on the full log. Is there another log that might be more beneficial as to understanding the exchange that is happening between the systems?

enable sip debugging on the ip of your AVAYA trunk, the logs should show why asterisk is putting the call on hold.

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Done, I will make a test call and follow up on this thread once I have an answer.

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It turned out that when we upgraded to 7.x Avaya session manager was sending hold SIP messages to Asterisk when the Avaya side triggered a hold. Luckily this was just one of the many new checkboxes that we can toggle. We toggled and are back to normal. Woohoo!

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