Avaya 9611G a waste of time?

So I got a bunch of Avaya 9611G phones for free. I was going to try and add them to my freepbx. Looks like a nice phone and figured , hey they were free. First off noticed that Avaya wasnt a listed vendor…OK, lets see if anyone else has them setup…come to the forum and WOW. lots and lots of messages about how hard it was to get them to work. Am I missing something? Should I just dump the phones? Free isn’t worth it if its going to be a headache to get them working or worse maintain them. Many of the messages are fairly old, has anything improved in FreePBX 15? (I noticed Avaya still not listed). I am assuming since most messages re: avaya are several years old that either it was resolved or as a community you all gave up on avaya phones. Looks like the latter.

Wise. Trust your gut.

The next sound you hear is a butt load of avaya phones going in the dumpster.

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Depends. If you are registering them as “dumb sip” (few call appearances, answer, hold, transfer), then getting them online is pretty quick using the guides you have likely already found. Trying to get the phone fully functional (BLF, notifications, etc.) is incredibly difficult and will require you to stand up a SOAP server.

We also have several 9611’s and while it was fun to see them come online so quickly, we quickly discovered that it would be much “cheaper” (total time spent) to buy compatible phones and go with those.

I would absolutely need BLF, VM, etc…I would expect it to be managed via EPM as well. At my billing rate, definitely not worth the effort. I can buy several supported phones for less than I charge per hour. Had great success so far with Sangoma, Grandstream, yealink.



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