Avaya 5621SW H.323

Can anyone give me a guide on how to use these H.323 phones with freepbx?

Old FreePBX H323 discussion is here. Apparently it falls into the same category as the Chan-SCCP-B driver. Add a driver, custom add a phone.

I read that, and it appears to say that the only way to use these common phones is to manually create every single extension by editing a config file.

is that correct?

Probably. It’s not part of Asterisk and certainly not part of FreePBX, so you are on the hook for adding the phones to the H323 configuration, at the very least.

Once you get them set up, you can manage the extensions, etc. with FreePBX.

It’s not “Deep Magic”, but it’s also not something to take on as a Freshman Project. If you want to use these phones, you have to put in the work.

Good to know. I think i’ll scrap these things and stick to SIP devices for my end-users.


You can give them to a 14-year-old and tell him “I’ll give you $100 to write a program that manages these little turds.”

If he gets a program written that helps you manage the phones, you can make it part of FreePBX and maybe people will be able to manage them from the GUI.

Kind of like that program I’m about 80% done with that manages Chan-SCCP-B (frigging TFTP XML files…)