Avaya 1608 and 1616 with AsteriskNOW & FreePBX

I am having a new AsteriskNOW installation in my local network. My network is NOT connected to the internet, and is just a POE Switch (8 port) connected to Asterisk Server( and my Windows Based File server (XP Machine

I have creates two extensions via the FreePBX Interface.

I have installed Xlite softphone and the extensions and calls works fine. To provide hand sets to my users I have purchased an Avaya 1608 and 1616 handsets. I did the following steps :

  1. Downloaded the new firmware 1.2.2 from the Avaya website and changed the 46xxsettings.txt values for SIP_Controller_list and SIP_Registrar as
  2. The phone has restarted and the new firmware loaded
  3. Then I press “*” on the Avaya handset till I reach settings on the phone
  4. I DONOT have DHCP so I set the following settings on handset 1 :
    IP =
    Callserver =
    file server =
    router = or ( I have tried both but with no luck)
    802.1q = auto
    mask =
  5. After the phone was rebooted, I presses * again and then in the “Enter Command” prompt I pressed “mute + 744 (SIG)” where I changed the value from “default” to “SIP”.
  6. Now the phone reboots and gives me “discover” and stay at that screen and jus restarts by itself after a while.
    I have been breaking my head for days on this but haven’t been able to progress .
    Someone please HELP!!!
    Thanks in advance ! Gigi Thomas
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Dear ggcool83 (tadpole),

i stuck in the same problem, in which you were. please help me. i did everything which you told but still my Avaya 1608 goes to discover mode.
what should i do?