Avatar/Gravatar in UCP

Running FreePBX distro 10.13.66-14 with userman version 13.0.69 and ucp version 13.0.38. Stumbled across this when creating a user that you can now assign a picture to a user account (whether that be uploaded or pulling a gravatar). As seen in the image I have a user account for Angelina Jolie and she wants to show her picture.The admin (who doesn’t want to disappoint her) gladly obliges as seen in this screenshot.

The “Allowed contact manager groups” help info says that these are the active and allowed groups the user will show up in on ucp and restapps. We arent using rest apps but I was hoping/expecting to see Angelina’s picture when another user is looking at the “User Manager Group” in their contact list in UCP. However, it appears that the picture doesn’t show in UCP.

I would like to know if this is expected behavior or if this is something that is being implemented as I dont recall seeing the avatar section before.



You need to upgrade all of your modules to edge releases. The “image” doesn’t show up under Contact Manager anymore it shows up under User Details