Autoprovision and phones on the internet

I have a small FreePBX installation for the office and now I need to extend the functionality to our home users. Is there a document or instructions on how to set up FreePBX to allow phones to AutoProvsion over the internet and how to enable SIP sessions to the phones? I do realize that I will need to enter a URL in to each handset, but would like to centrally manage the rest of the configure as I do with the office phones.

How do you currently provision the ‘office phones’ ?

Hi Dicko, in the office, I use HTTP to provision them. The FreePBX host is in the same network as the phones. in the DHCP scope I have configured option 66 with the URL of the FreePBX host. Extension Manager is used to map the extension, phone model and MAC address to create the config file that gets sent to the phone. Pretty basic set up. I have also enabled HTTPS provisioning on the FreePBX system.

You are safer with https, I would use a separate domain for the certificate (with an A record pointing to your external IP) than any public facing service,then just open a port on the firewall to suit.

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