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Hello Community,

This is my first post so please forgive me if I am placing it in the wrong section. This seemed most appropriate here. I have FreePBX running for testing / research for a specific solution I need but have not spent the time to learn everything yet.

GOAL: To find a solution to automate the following workflow: When a new external contact (phone number) is made in CRM it will be automatically called 1 time (maybe 2) by FreePBX and if the contact answers, the call will be routed into the sales group assigned. The process needs to happen automatically and someone will always be ready to take that call on my side. This also needs to happen within seconds of the caller information being sent over from the source.

BACKGROUND INFO: The caller information (phone, name, email, zip code, etc) is purchased and sent from an opt-in lead provider. The provider can send the lead/caller in specific formats using REST API (HTTP/XML format). I can have it sent by them where-ever I need. That lead information will need to be received by either a custom external CRM or internal CRM Module in PBX and create a .call file in the spool/outgoing folder in a format.

What I know: I can setup FreePBX and .call files can be put into the outgoing folder and the PBX will will make the call and if answered send it where I want.

What I don’t know and need help finding a solution for:

  1. Which CRM module (if any) to use inside PBX that can receive contact data via API
  2. How to get the .call files to be automatically created and put into the .call outgoing folder. This part of the process needs automated (scripted?)

I don’t know a lot about programming languages or how API is programmed, but I’ve gotten this far from just an idea of what I want. I’ve probably spent close to 30 hours getting to this point and I know I am so close to finding a solution. I’m willing to put the hours into this project learning how to code if necessary figure it out or even pay someone to assist in building the programming part to automate the process. Any guidance or help would be welcomed and I would eternally grateful for your time in writing it.

I promise there is a really good cause behind this and it is not used to spam or scam anyone. Others on another forum were saying how this is the worst thing to do if I want people to buy our service but it is actually the opposite. We need to be first to reach them before others do in my industry and this system will help that happen.

Thank you in advance.

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The FreePBX CRM module is a connector that sends call data from the PBX to an external CRM, and it does not do what you want.

The broadcast module comes close, but not an exact fit. You could configure it to poll a URL for a list of numbers in CSV format, and the PBX will make outbound calls for you. You would need some sort of middleware to accept the contact data and respond to the PBX in CSV.

Your best bet is probably an external CRM solution with custom development to generate the outbound calls.

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This feels a little like a job for

There would still need to be some scripting, maybe a webhook but vicidial is a predictive dialer that may already have connectors.

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Thank you for the suggestion. Do you have any resources to help me figure out how to do that? I already have a hosted domain up that I could use for the URLs.

I think this is how the last company that I worked for did it too, our SIP login was a website address.

If anyone can look at their domains to tell me what type of system this was that would be also helpful.

They have the domains setup like this so I am guessing it is a API ROUTER (Middleware) and a lot of custom scripting to have the systems talk to each other, probably not a dialer. They didn’t run campaigns on anything other than when the new contact was created a call would be made to them, so probably just creating and moving .call file into the pbx spool folder:,,,,,,,,,,;,,,,,,,,

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