Automating mp3 select during freepbx 13 install

following the instructions here:
I’m working on a script that will install freepbx automatically in centos 7. When it gets to Compile and install Asterisk/make menuselect is there a way or a command to automate the selection of ‘format mp3’?
I’ve tried xdotool but had no joys with that.

you need to run the


from the source directory before you “make menuselect” it.

thanks for the responses here, I think I got it. The command to automatically enable mp3 is:

menuselect/menuselect --enable format_mp3 menuselect.makeopts

I hope that’s correct. I ran make ‘make menuselect’ again and saw that format mp3 was already checked so I’m assuming the command worked.

Will largely explain all you wanted to know about ’ menuselect’, why you need to run that script, how to give it options from bash to bypass the tui . and perhaps a bit more :slight_smile: