Automatically play message for answering machines for manually originated calls

I’m looking to be able to have someone manually make a call and then when they hear that a human didn’t answer, then be able to click a magic button that then plays a message once the answering machine message has concluded. Once they click that button or whatever, they would be free to make another call white the call they were just on gets processed and a message is played. I realize there is the AMD capability so this is more or less a conceptual question.

It appears that AMD can only be implemented in the dial plan. Is this correct? Or can I use it through AMI?

If it’s a dialplan feature, I was thinking that I could create a dialplan for an extension such that when an agent hears the beginning of the message they can transfer it to an extension that then waits for silence and then plays the desired message. I was thinking that I could set up multiple extensions with different messages to be played and the agent would just transfer to the appropriate extension.

Am I on the right track here or does someone have an alternate suggestion for what I’m trying to accomplish?

Transferring the call to a new context is trivial, so using AMD for this would be overkill. Just transfer to an “extension” that answers the phone immediately, waits for the beep, and plays the message. Silence detection is some serious voodoo, so it might not always work.

If you decide to do this, do me a favor. Don’t implement it the way the “Republicans for Hillary” calling team has done - they keep calling my 800 number (from apparently different numbers) and leaving a message that lasts until I hang to up the call. The default for message length is 30 minutes.