Automatically email missed/answered call details ? and/or recordings?

I’ve been playing with Freepbx, for a while, and its all working great - thanks to a lot of good advice,and help from this forum !
Is it possible for Freepbx to automatically send email, to notify about answered/missed calls ?
I’d also be interested if it would be possible to automatically email a call recording, when the call completes ?

It is certainly possible.

I don’t recommend it, but it is possible. Like so many other “I’ll email myself whenever this common thing happens” processes, I predict you will tire of it almost instantly, or worse, your system will recognize it as SPAM and just stop delivering them.

If you record every call, you can invoke a script at the end of the call to do almost anything you could possibly want, including transcoding the recording to a leaner format or sending notifications around to various places. You would have to write the script to email whatever information you are looking for, but yeah, it would be possible.

Hmm, you make a valid point - i wondered if there was a simple way for my system to send me an email, about missed calls ? - its my system at home, so i doubt there would be a lot of emails, and thought it would be a handy feature.

My thoughts regarding the Call Recordings - was along the same lines as the voicemail - so that the call was recorded, and emailed - and then not saved on the server directly.

I’m by no means a linux expert - so i’ll have a google !