Automatically Delete Call Recordings

Hi again

I’ve just turned on call recording for incoming and outgoing calls.

Can someone give me an easy to follow guide on how to setup an automatic CRON job to delete call recordings older than 30days.

I’ve tried following nermous CRON job guides by searching Google but have never got them to work.

Hopefully someone on here has got it to work sucessfully :smile:



There is a search box above, it would have given you

So the answer was “Yes.” :smile:

Hi again

I’ve only just round to trying this…

I’ve run the command find /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/* -name “*.wav” which finds all my recordings.

I then run find /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/* -name “*.wav” -mtime 5 -delete and it doesnt delete anything :frowning:

What am I doing wrong?