Automatically Call Extension on Registration


I’d like to set up my FreePBX server so that it auto-dials an extension as soon as the hand-set registers.

Basically I’m trying to accomplish this:

  1. Detect Handset Registration
  2. Dial Extension
  3. Connect Extension to a Conference

I’m not really sure where to start. Does anyone have any advise how I might accomplish this?



Interesting idea. What’s the purpose for doing this? Since an endpoint must have at least a username and password to properly register, I would imagine you would already know this info for each potential registration. But realize that endpoints register very often since it times out. I would monitor the console or full log for new logins and then kick off a script to dial the extension and then transfer to the conference on answer. One other problem is the endpoint would need to be set to auto answer and this must be supported by the endpoint and also configured at the endpoint as well as in freepbx.

My idea was to set up a little WiFi PBX which I could take with me when working in noisy datacenters. My colleagues and I would don headsets and use our cell phones to connect to the PBX which would then call us and put us in a bridge. So that we could talk to each other without being hammered by the drone of thousands of servers.

While I’m sure it could be done (given enough scripting), it doesn’t really seem like Asterisk is ideal for this. I’m thinking about switching to something like Mumble, which is a slightly better fit for this use case.