Automatic Module and system updates with scheduler not working?


It seems I cannot achieve automatic updates in Fpbx 14 with the Scheduler.
I enabled both system and module updates daily on multiple SNG7 Distro’s, but nothing seems to update.
When I look at the modules and I check manually, all updates are still Red and updatable.

Did I miss something, or misunderstanding something?

Hope someone can clear this for me. Many thanks in advance!

Did you purchase Sysadmin Pro?

I seem to have this issue now as well…

You do not need sysadmin pro for this

True if you are on the distro

Andrew is This error related
sysadmin_update_system --unlock
Error: Sysadmin updater not installed!

Package sysadmin-5.6-5.6.28.sng.noarch already installed and latest version
Nothing to do

Did some looking at the script. No file update-system is pressent.

if [ -e /var/www/html/admin/modules/sysadmin/hooks/update-system ] ; then
/var/www/html/admin/modules/sysadmin/hooks/update-system [email protected]
echo "Error: Sysadmin updater not installed!"
exit 127

hooks]# ls
config-pnpd reboot update-interface
config-postfix restart-apache update-mdadm
dump-iptables support-vpn-restart update-ports
fail2ban-generate support-vpn-start update-sslconf
fail2ban-getbanned support-vpn-stop update-timezone
fail2ban-start sysadmin-update update-timezone-no-restart
fail2ban-stop toggle-sshkeys-rpm update-ups
generate-pem update-dns update-vpnserver
import-sslconf update-dnsmasq wifi-associate
install-xactview-rpm update-ftp wifi-scan
poweroff update-hostname

You are talking about sysadmin for 6.5 in this thread which is talking about distro 7.

Because that is used for distro 6. Not distro 7. Again you don’t need sysadmin at all to do distro upgrades in 7. You are looking in the wrong place

I have currently in management 3 FreePBX 14 instalations (all Sangoma distro 7, 2 “clean installs”, 1 upgraded from distro 6).

All of them do not install upgrades automatically, although all are set to install both modules and system updates.
I only receive email that there are new module versions available for upgrade, but it never upgrades itself, I have to do it manualy.

Sorry Andrew. Let me ask the real question. How do I check to see if this Update section is working.

Is there a log somewhere? Is there a Cron Job? I am as Pavel said I doesn’t seem to really do auto updating I also couldn’t find the Documentation on this area Admin > Updates either. I am a bit new to FreePBX.

Current PBX Version:
Current System Version:12.7.4-1802-2.sng7


Is there any confirmation that this updates work or not on Distro7?
Is it working for some people?
I cannot get it working on multiple Distro 7 pbx’s.

Hello Andrew,

Does automatic updates in SNG7 work or not?
If not, I will create a ticket.
Many thanks in advance.

Test it. If it does not work open a ticket

Thanks for this detailed answer. I have opened a ticket.

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