Automatic Installer Woes

Hi Everyone, Sorry but I have to rant and request a Feature/change.

I just finished making a bootable USB drive for FreePBX on my workstation. I’m planning to install it on another box. Then the power goes out, I leave computer to start the backup generator. When I return the power is back on my computer has booted off USB and wiped my workstation and installed FreePBX :sob:. I do have a good backup but it’s very very annoying.

Any chance I can request a feature, where the installer prompts “Are you sure” before re-partitioning the HDD?


What ISO did you use to generate the installation media?

It’s been a while that I installed from the download location but I had to definitely make some choices when I installed from that media. I don’t remember there ever being a “Just plug it in and let it boot and it’ll be an installed PBX by the end without you touching a keyboard and a mouse.”

Did you leave the install USB inserted as you struggled with ‘other problems’ ?

@dobrosavljevic Unfortunately I can’t check which ISO I had used as it’s all wiped now. Is there a way to tell from the Media itself? I grabbed it from the website recently. I believe it was SNG7-PBX16-64bit-2302-1.iso I went ahead and tried booting the installer again and can confirm it does it all without having to touch anything. It does stop at the screen where it requires you to set a root password but if you let it sit you can see in the bottom of the screen it continues with the partitioning, and the copying of files in the background. If you reboot without setting the root password it makes a bootable FreePBX system but you cannot login until you enter single user mode and reset/set the root password.

@dicko yep I left the USB inserted while I was doing other stuff. It’s also my bad for leaving the boot priority set to USB on my workstation. I’m not upset or anything just trying to help prevent anyone else from having this issue.

That is wild. Thanks for the heads up and doing all this testing.

The same screen at the bottom will tell you the default root password if you don’t set one. Unless for some reason current versions of the ISO removed that.

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