Automatic Call Recordings

How can I automatically record calls made to one of our extensions that we use in the conference room? Thanks

Turn on the “Record all calls” flag in the extension definition?

This is too easy - what’s your real question.

Thanks for the reply, sorry for the noob question -
How can I get to the extension definition? Also how can I access the recorded calls once I do this? Thanks again

“Applications” -> “Extensions” -> Choose your extension -> “Recording Options”.

Listening to the recording can be done several ways, including going through the CDR module or by going through the User Control Panel. A lot is going to depend on your version of FreePBX.

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I’m wondering if I have call recordings set up right. I did what you mentioned above (“Applications” -> “Extensions” -> Choose your extension -> “Recording Options”, then selected force on all and enabled on demand recording). But when I got to Reports -> CDR Reports I see a column for Recordings but no recordings listed. Is there anything else I need to do to setup call recordings or do I have to pay for an additional service/plugin? Thanks again

I think I figured out why -
When I call the actual extension setup for recording calls it will record the call and it will show up in the CDR Reports, but apparently we have a number we use for conferences which is just an inbound route.
I clicked on force recording in the inbound route but the call recording still isnt showing up when I call the inbound route number. I suspect it may be something to do with the destination, which is set to Conferences, General <400>. Is there a way to record calls made to this inbound route? Thanks again

The phone on the desk has to have an extension associated with it. You should be able to record from that.

Have you tried the “Record Conference” option in your conference configuration?