Automated transcription of recorded calls; Automated billing

Hello all,

I know there are lots of threads on transcribing voicemails, but we have built a system that records all phone calls for legal purposes, and I would like it to automatically transcribe all phone call recordings as they are made, and email the transcript to specific addresses.

Is there any halfway easy way to do this, aside from writing custom bash scripts and cron jobs to trick the system into thinking it’s transcribing voicemails? I know how I’d do it if I had to do it all custom, but I’d rather not re-invent the wheel if I don’t have to.

Also, does anyone know of any modules that allow integration with billing systems? I’d like to have a way for a customer to sign up and provide billing information, perhaps from our online store, and have it create a DID, Inbound Route, etc automatically once payment is received in the billing system. I believe Vitelity has APIs, and I know our store does.

Perhaps this is a better question for the FreePBX custom development team… I know I could figure all this out on my own, but don’t have the time to learn it all and do it all myself.

Thank you!

Real time automated transcription sounds like a bit of a pipe dream.

RX and TX are initially recorded separately so you could transcribe each stream.

The other problem with even voicemail transcription are patent concerns.

There are features that would be super cool but could get us super sued.

Being that these calls are recorded for “legal reasons” maybe human transcription would be idea.

I already know how it would get done, it’s more of the situation of not having the time to do it all myself. There are already lots of systems that suck in audio files and do speech recognition, like Google Voice. I don’t see how anything would get one sued, as long as proper payments are made and licenses followed.

Part of the key is the automated transcribed text is included with the account, the professionally transcribed option is something they pay extra for, for when it will actually be used in courts or for anything legally binding. The automated stuff is so the calls can be skimmed easier to see if anything important was in that call.

I was only trying to see if anyone knows of anything that’s already out there that does this, or if I need to develop it myself (either truly myself or hiring out a developer or two).


What are you using FreePBX for that you need to create a customer DID?

You realize that FreePBX is not a switch but a phone system and routing all those calls means you will pay lousy rates and use up your own bandwidth, also decrease call quality.

You mentioned Vitelity, Schmooze has SIP Station. The developers may be more inclined to help you design your business if you were actually a customer.

If you are trying to do something like this you truly need a consultant that can zero base your features, determine feasibility then create a project plan and a budget.

We’re way beyond that point. We’re forming an LLC this week and writing up contracts. I’ve been in the industry a long time and have already taken care of the feasibility, budget, etc. Just trying to find the quickest way to get the transcription aspect of it done, and was trying to see if anyone knew of an existing product. So far, it’s sounding like there isn’t one so I’ll have to write it.

I’m using separate DIDs for each customer for accounting purposes, and for simple configuration - each DID goes to its own email address, and to keep things simple from the customer standpoint (no configuration). I don’t want them to have to enter customer codes or over complicate things.

I’m well aware of what FreePBX is and what it does. I’m familiar with many Asterisk-based distributions, but most familiar with FreePBX so I’m using it right now. I also figured it had a large number of modules and might just have one that’s useful, but not finding what I’m looking for so it looks like I’ll have to write it. I’m just doing inbound routes to DISA with a PIN. It’s locked down to only allow calls within a given call area that the DID is configured for.

I’ve already written up a business plan and found very workable rates for what we’re doing. Don’t want to get into too much detail for proprietary reasons, but I have found very workable rates and methods. Vitelity is a method I’m using for testing purposes, but likely won’t be a long-term solution. SIP Station also doesn’t have the best rates I’ve found, so I probably won’t go that route long term. I may end up going traditional PRI but haven’t decided yet, there are several quotes that I’m waiting on. Much of the calling will be within specific calling areas so unlimited inbound and outbound will be used where possible, and where it’s not available (such as with toll-free DIDs), the customer will be billed per minute anyway.

I am going to see if FreePBX’s people would be interested in writing some custom solutions, but I’m definitely not going to pursue it if I’m forced to use SIP Station. That end of it isn’t where I need custom programming anyway. I’ll probably end up hiring a couple developers in house for the duration of the project.


I also will eventually have a system on my end separating everything out based on Caller ID, so we only need one DID per calling area, but until that time I’m just using separate DIDs for each customer. That won’t be terribly difficult to program when I get the time.


Try this for starters:-

SIPStation has a wholesale side of things too. Have a chat with the Schmooze guys, they are great partners and have a great braintrust of Asterisk/FreePBX folks.