Automated Dialer Module

Hi Everyone. My name is TJ Stamm and I am the resale director at Schmooze Com. I wanted to both introduce myself and tell you about a new module soon to be released, the Automated Dialer.

This module is a complete campaign dialer manager. Simply load a list of phone numbers that you want called and pick a few settings such as when it should run and what you want to happen when a live person answers the call versus an answering machine and you are up and running.

You can view a full writeup with screenshots on our commercial blog:

We are looking for a few people who would like a free Beta copy to test this module for us. We have been using this module in our commercial product for a long time but need to have it thoroughly tested on the FreePBX Distro. This module will only work with the FreePBX Distro as it requires the sysadmin module to have it license properly.

Please reply in the thread if you are interested and Tony or myself will PM you once you have been accepted into the Beta program.

Also watch the forums here as we announce similar Beta programs over the next month for other Schmooze Com modules that will need Beta testers as we release these new commercial modules one at a time.

No other interest in this module. That surprises me considering how many customers we have that have bought this module.

Bill email me which deployment you want to test this on.

A few questions that did not appear to be answered on the supplied URL. Are the lists stored in the mySQL database, or text file? Will the dialer allow for pauses in the dial string? If so, how should these be noted in the import file?

Has there been interest in adding a feedback/polling feature to this module? Rather than just broadcasting, users would be able to respond - like a political survey.

All files are uploaded as CSV and it than creates call files for everyone so no database of stored numbers. No it does not allow pauses.

No it does not allow survey or questioning. It is straight power dialing and either playing a message or for example dumping the call if a human being answers into a queue or things of that nature.

We have a hosted application that lets us do surveys with DTMF and Speech Recg that we have used with over 15 million calls already but it all runs in a cluster server farm and not part of FreePBX.


Police Dept has been looking for something to call people and tell them that they have fines overdue. I’d love to test this…


We actually shutdown the beta program 2 weeks ago after we sent it out to a few people. The plan is to have the store released in the next 5-10 days. Just waiting on taking the Distro final this week first.

Hello I would like to test this in one of my offices. We currently dial 20-40,000 numbers a day using a hosted broadcast dialer solution. Please let me know what I need to do to get approved. Thanks

We should be ready to start Beta Testing by Friday. You will need to make sure you are using the FreePBX Distro. Email tony dot lewis at schmoozecom dot com your company name, phone number and address and I will get you setup with a license.

Also please note this is not a predictive dialer and is used for outbound message delivering mainly and should not be used as a predictive dialer.

We administrate several call centers in México, and we are willing to give it a try to this module in a 20 seat call center, just tu start.
When can we try this?


I would be interested. We have been using Telyapper 5.0 for a couple of months. We use it as a patient reminder campaign.

Please let me know how I can assist in testing.



I might be interested. I have a group of about 25 people / volunteers that need to be called out about three thimes a year. (CERT).

One quesion is how does this compare with Wards Teleyapper ?

Building from PBX today but will be interested in trying the FreePBX ISO soon.


I am not sure how it compares as this is a GUI driven and designed to handle thousands of calls. I have never looked at the teleyapper or what it does.

Hi, I’m currently managing two FreePBX instalation sending between both sites near 5000 automated calls area made every day (week days) (100000 a month)

Calls are done via a home made script that generates froma source .csv file, drop call file in a temp working dir, wich are then moved to spool via a crontab job. It works fine but is far from very eficient because it does not receive feedback from asterisk, so if all calls are busy no one is reschedules until next minute, other problem ocurr whe channels are full.

Instalations are not made via FreePBX Distro but on Debian + Asterisk + FreePBX, but I can setup a new test server with the Distro and try this module, not in full production (at the begining at least) but with some test cases for sure.

I would like to use asterisk to provide a service for letting the end user upload their phone number list. Since this is a service, from the admin page I would want to list on the account the outbound phone number that shows up and list what features are available for the end user to choose such as answered calls going to an IVR, an extension, a call group or just play a voicemessage. Also let the end user record a specific message that is available only on their account for only their use. Is this something you have considered? If not, does anyone know of software I can purchase for this purpose?

No this module is not setup to be used in a multi tenant application as it allows all admin users to see everything. Its just a like any other FreePBX Module

What is the status of this module? Is it available as a commercial or extended module?


I am looking for an automated dialer (AD)to work with an IVR to call our customers route list 72 hours in advance to the schedule delivery to ask them if they need our driver visit or not (we deliver mineral water). Can your AD deal with that?

Hi TJ,
I am very interested in testing the Automated Dialer (Broadcast Module).
Please let me know what I need to do.


Hello itprosolutionstx,

This module is no longer in Beta. It can now be purchased in the Store under the Software section.

Thank you for your interest!