Automaic CDR to Google Spreasheet

Anyone know of a way to automatically export CDR logs to Google sheets? OUr company uses DOMO for statistical purposes so I was hoping to then import the google sheet to DOMO to parse the data.

You export the CDR as a csv file and use Google Sheets to view the csv file. Just like you would any other CSV file. However, without buying the reporting module there is no automation. You would have to write that yourself to pull the details from the CDR database and create the csv file.

Asterisk can ( and probably does already ) produce csv files (by default in var/log/asterisk/cdr* )

(you will see your current settings in the /etc/asterisk/cdr* files
You can tune those to your preference but files that match


are probably all you need, the naming is controlled by your logrotate settings and could easily be daily and named by date.

Automatically syncing to your google docs directory is relatively easy by first an RTFM and then an implementation of :-

and ultimately a cron job to “do it”.

Google will by default open a csv file as a ‘spreadsheet’ , saving such a file after any analyses would save them otherwise.

thank you @dicko. I’ll try and give this a go when I get a moment! Not very familiar with command line so will take me a while to figure out! At least it should be possible.

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