I’m looking for AUTOFRAMING and PTIME settings. Are these in the GUI somewhere, or do I need to edit the config files directly? I’m looking to set these globally for all extensions.


Did you see Autoframing and ptime bug?

From what I can see, it looks like ptime is a function of the instrument’s interaction with the local Chan_SIP interface.

It appears that it was working in Asterisk 11.0 and stopped sometime before Asterisk 13.6. Version 13.7 is the target release to solve the problem.

By the way, all I had to do was Google “AUTOFRAMING and PTIME Settings asterisk” to get a lot of really good information. Assuming you did that, you might want to tell us what problem you are actually having.

Ya Google got me the settings, but I couldn’t figure out where these settings might be in the FreePBX GUI…thus my original question.

I did forget to mention I’m using PJSIP in case that makes a difference.

Thanks for the link to the bug, I hadn’t seen that.


Can someone from FreePBX confirm if the patch mentioned in the asterisk bug tracker (ASTERISK-25484) has indeed been included in the latest release of FreePBX 13 Asterisk 13.12.2?

Also, is it nessesssry to specify any additional ptime settings in the GUI? Which config file(s) if necessary for the autoframing and prime settings? Will setting autoframing in FreePBX alone be enough and then I can set specific endpoints to request their own ptime values?