Auto set Call Flow Control in case we forgot to set it by BLF key


We use Call Flow Control as a night switch but sometimes we forgot to set it when we leave the office.

In that case we would like it to be set by a clock as backup, for example every day at 19.00 h.

Because of our variable opening hours, the Time Conditions module is not suitable for us.

Gr. Bart.

If you guys ‘forget stuff’ perhaps fail-over the Time Condition at 19.05, it’s an HR problem otherwise

As @dicko said. Set a Time Condition after the CFC step.

  • Never tested, but the idea can be using the Calendar module and using a custom context which will ebable / disable the call flow or do what you want from this calendar. Need to put the hands in the engine though.

  • Connect an extension from remote and dial the call flow prefix.

  • Other way, use a specific DID for a DISA and dial the call flow prefix. (Not safe though)

Just an idea like that.

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