Auto provision is pulling the wrong extension

We have a remote phone on extension 7559. This phone has been working fine for over a year. Recently, the phone keeps grabbing the config for another extension on our system, 9006. When this first happened I found that the Sangoma phone MAC address was assigned to 9006 in EPM, although I’m unsure how it got there (I very recently upgraded to FreePBX 14).

I have corrected the settings for 9006 in EPM, made sure the settings were correct in the extension settings for 9006 and have made sure that the settings in EPM for 7559 are correct. We have done a factory reset on the remote phone, twice, and rebooted the PBX server. But the remote phone is still grabbing the config for 9006. When we did the factory resets today the Sangoma Portal shows that the phone correctly polled.

I have logged in to the remote phone’s GUI and manually changed the settings to 7559 but they revert back to 9006 within a couple days or even minutes.

Am I missing a setting somewhere?

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