Auto Provision, EPM issue with LLPD enable or disable

I have Sangoma S500 doing zero touch provision.
I using FreePBX with EPM
I confirmed LLDP is turn off on the Cisco Switch.

The Zero touch works (IP/FDQN) https with password.
During the Auto provision it updates the S500 firmware to
and setup the Voice and vlan ID based on EPM setting correctly
Correct provision username and password. As far as I can tell everything was push properly including LLDP disable

After the provision, it failed to register with the PBX. But I have to manually http to the phone.
Turn ON LLDP and reboot, then it successfully registered.
I then turn LLDP off, Save and reboot and still working.
I would like to avoid turning the LLDP on and off…

Just for testing, I tried enabling LLDP on EPM (CISCO LLDP is still off) and factory reset the phone. It’s still failed to registered. Under extension mapping, I’m getting an IP address status of “SIP MS”

I appreciate any help