Auto Hold S500 Phones

S500 endpoint


When talking on a line appearance 1 line appearance 2 begins ringing with a new call.

What happens:
If I push line appearance 2, the call on line appearance 1 goes on hold and the call on line appearance 2 is answered.

What I would like to happen:
If I push line appearance 2 I want the call on line appearance 1 to be disconnected, and the call on line appearance 2 to be answered.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this? Thanks in advance!

You can’t do that and not sure any phone that supports that. It would be dangerous to just hang up on lines when toggling to a new line. It always puts caller on hold.

One less button press is the idea we were looking for. This starts to add up to a lot of time saved for people that are on the phone most of the day. If the end user was done with the call, simply pressing the other line would be a more streamlined workflow.

I understand your perspective. There is so much freedom and choice with most of the system (and the phone! Very flexible! :slight_smile: ), we were thinking it must be a toggle option somewhere. Thanks for the guidance. We will submit a feature request and hope that it can eventually make it into development.

Great job on these phone Tony and team!

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