Auto dial , connect

I am new in freepbx asterisk

i have a fxo voip gateway
it configured with SIP Trunk by asterisk

i want create auto-dial out using Call Files
and when user pickup the phone, the IVR will be played.
the from-fxo Context contain IVR.
but when the the number dialed,regardless of the line state like line busy , ringing the user phone or call is answered by the user, the Context (from-fxo) Immediate will be called and the IVR Play the file.and no Retries executed.
how can i do it, if the user answered the call then Context(from-fxo) called.

3030=SIP Trunk
Channel: SIP/3030/8471201
Callerid: 8471201
MaxRetries: 1
RetryTime: 10
WaitTime: 20
Context: from-fxo
Extension: 110

exten => 110,1,Answer()
same => n,Background(conf-usermenu)
same => n,WaitExten(10)
exten => 1,1,Dial(SIP/1000,10)
same => n,Playback(vm-nobodyavail)
same => n,Hangup()