Auto-detect of Sangoma Cards


I’m building a PRI-BRI converter and have installed FreePBX on a system with Sangoma a102 and Sangoma a500 PCI cards installed. I’ve installed FreePBXdistro as per the installation instructions without any issues and can access the web GUI.
The configuration guide states that the cards will be automatically detected when I access the Dahdi configuration module. However when I do access this module there are no entries in the Digital section. There are two FXA/FXO cards listed in the analogue section?
I had thought all of the Sangoma wanpipe drivers required were included in the FreePBX install. Is there something else I’m missing?

Thanks in advance

Hi Steveo,

The A500 cards should be detected automatically and show up in the digital card section. The video from FreePBX at explains this in detail.

If this is not occurring here then there is something abnormal occurring and we need to log into your system to look at this for you.

To get this started simply open a ticket at and reference this forum post. As well if you could provide SSH or teamviewer access to the server this will help us look at for you.

Note: Ensure you download teamviewer 8 which can be found at Teamviewer 9 can not be used.

Hey all,
Sangoma have had a look at the build but have no suggestions to resolve the issue. They’ve established that their cards are working fine so the issue is in the interaction between the FreePBX GUI and Dahdi.
Anyone in the FreePBX community have any ideas before I rebuild with 3CX?

Hi Steveo,

Could you please provide me with the ticket# here so I can look up the details of your case on our side?

Marc Celsie
Sangoma Technologies

Hi Marc,

Ticket number was 12396.


In the DAHDI module you have to click on Sangoma section and make sure you enable the 2 dahdi modes for Sangoma.

Hi Steveo,

Has Tony’s suggestion resolved the issue for you there?

I assume Tony was referring to the Sangoma Settings option on the Dahdi Config page?
As discussed on the ticket I referenced above the issue we have is that none of the links on this page do anything.
Our original issue was that the Sangoma cards were not being detected. To facilitate remote access for Sangoma Support we reset the root password via the CLI. Following this the cards were displayed on the Dahdi Config page but none of the links on this page do anything. The ‘Edit’ option next to each of the spans does nothing and none of the options in the ‘Settings’ section on the RHS do anything. Hence I can’t configure the cards.

Hi Steveo,

At this point I have reached out to you via ticket#12396 to setup a live meeting to talk about this issue in detail.

Lets debug this in live so we can get to the bottom of this.