Auto Deleted call history if picked up elsewhere

when a call comes in to a ring group if the call is answered on another phone it deletes the history log of that call (or does not record it) on all other phones who did not pick up.

is there a way to disable this? perhaps on a per phone basis?
what is this feature called?

system is PBX in a flash Green
Asterisk 11.16.0

anyone that can help me that knows how to disable this?

I’m guessing you have a ‘c’ option in your Dial params in Advanced Settings.

I’m wondering if anybody has figured this out? How does one go about changing this functionality. I have searched high and low for the fix but, I have come up empty handed.

Is it possible to toggle an option to prevents auto delete of call history on phones (s700)?

Asterisk - 13.16.0
PBXact - 10.13.66-18