Auto close of threads, closing time

It’s obvious that thread closes after one month… but it was not always like that.
I think it’s a very good feature, but I think it’s too early! I would suggest 12 months. Maybe 6 months… but only one month is way too soon!

However, it an awesome feature! No doubt! :slight_smile:

Threads have always auto-closed, but the feature was broken for several months until recently. The one month is a one-size-fits-all compromise, there is no single number appropriate in all cases. Two things you can do if you ever find yourself wishing you could respond to a closed thread:

  1. Flag the closed thread and request that a mod reopen it, this is a favorite of @sorvani’s.
  2. Open a new thread with a link to the previous one and request that threads be merged by a mod.

It comes up so rarely that this is not a lot of mod effort to make this happen.


One of the desirable features when moving the community to discourse was the automated moderation and community moderation. The setting is 30 days after last post. If a post goes 30 days with no activity it is generally safe to assume the issue is no longer an issue. As Lorne said an issue can be reopened if needed.

When everything was migrated over, existing threads would have to be manually locked. So there are still thousands of unlocked old posts from 10 years ago. Every once and a while someone will revive one but it makes no sense. Some issues are vague and may look like something that happened to Kyle back in 2015 but that was a completely different issue. No reason to revive an unrelated thread. Start a new one and of you think it helps mention the old one.

Yeah, if it is still within a few months-ish of the original auto close I will. Or if something significant was directly addressed much later. Otherwise, I make a new thread and just link to the old for reference.

Maybe it needs to work differently based on different categories. Some posts are for bugs and questions and those would expire after 30 days no activity. On the other hand some threads are tips/tricks kinds of threads or how-to and those can stand to have comments open for longer.

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It can be set per-category, some were rather aggressive originally (7 days for example) but I unified them to 30 as based on looking at posts and conversations and how often legit responses occurred.


Frankly, I do not support this idea. unresolved topics can stay open until forever

No. Especially on something like FreePBX. Because random undetailed posts of a problme from FreePBX 2.11 will have zero to do with anything current.

And as stated, if you really want to continue a specific thread, flag it for the moderators to re-open.

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Normally when someone finds and opens and adds to an ancient thread, they say “I have the same problem”, when it is almost certain that they don’t or only have the same one at a very surface level. Starting a new thread makes it more likely that they will provide a complete description of their specific problem.

Do reverse! Keep all threads open by default and let the admins that close threads that obviously has reached it’s end of lifetime. That will benefit the community and the users.

It’s not a pain in the ass. Closed threads are…! :slight_smile:

Active forums like this are a dying part of Internet. Facebook and other social media platforms take new users time while as me and many of you were thought programming in open forums! It’s not polite or fair to close threads. Leave them open!

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