Auto Call Generator

Suppose i have an DID with 10 extensions under it.In every extension i want to assign 100 numbers on which a call will be made and an ivr will be played(just like the telephone companies does to inform the customers about new promotions).Is this possible on freePBX?

You are looking at a auto-dialler/predictive dialler application really. Have a look at Teleyapper: There are also many other auto-diallers available for Asterisk as well here:


Not in freepbx but in core asterisk sure you can. You can still take advantage of the IVRs on FBX but figuring out which IVR number you’ve created in FreePBX and use it in either AMI or .call file.

In FreePBX, create your IVR, then hover over the IVR you’ve just created on the right side (all IVRs are listed there). You will see an IVR number, like ivr-2, thats the context you would then want to send your auto call to.

Would take around 1 hour to get this up and running :wink:

This system looks rather complicated to me…Is there any simple way?

If it’s not too much to ask, I wish a fully-integrated module in FreePBX can be developed for simple needs like automatically calling and playing back a recorded message/greeting. Maybe a few additional lines of code on the Wake Up Call Module.

Thanks in advance.

Please see

Thanks Preston…

Actually, I visited that page before posting, as well as other sites on asterisk auto dialer, predictive dialing, etc.

However, my need at the moment are way simpler than what Xact-dialer provides and cost-wise, would not justify a purchase. I guess, I will have to learn to do some AGI coding for the moment.