Auto Answer Incoming Calls

I’m new to freepbx, once an incoming call (customer calls) comes in, the system picks up automatically and it starts burning the client’s airtime before the available agent picks, please how can I deactivate this feature

Have you tried ‘Connectivity’ -> ‘Inbound Routes’ -> ‘Advanced’ -> ‘Signal Ringing’?

Yes, I have but it’s still the same

You send the calls to a queue, right? Is ‘Applications’ -> ‘Queues’ -> ‘’ -> ‘General Settings’ -> ‘Queue No Answer’ set to ‘Yes’?

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I’m not sure, from your description, that there’s a way around this. Once the client is connected to the PBX, there’s no way to NOT burn their time without just disconnecting them. I mean, if you’re connected to a call, you’re connected to a call. Unless I’m missing some really subtle part of your description, it sounds like the system is working as designed.

Charging normally starts when answer is signalled. On an analogue line, that is when the loop is made and ringing stops. On a SIP one, it is when 200 OK is sent as a response. Networks may or may not permit media to flow before then, as “early media”, or may impose limits on its duration.

The disadvantages of not answering promptly are that early media might not be allowed and the call may be terminated, or redirected, as unanswered, by the network. The advantage of not answering early are, as the OP states, that the caller will not normally be charged until the call is answered.

By default, Asterisk will not answer until some media is played or an outgoing call has been connected, although it is common for hand written dialplans to start with Answer(), although I think that is more from misunderstanding than design.

I believe it is a requirement, in Germany, that calls not be answered until an agent is available.

Thank you very much, this has solved the problem

Be aware that its possible for queues to be configured with wait times longer than the provider will wait for an answer. If the callers wait too long in the queue, the call will probably be dropped.

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