Authentication Fails

Hello All - I have been having this issue since we installed FreePBX V16 3 weeks ago. I have a mix of SNOM 320 and Polycom 600/650 phones. Out of 30 phones I cannot get 6 to register. All phones were registerd and working on FreePBX 15.

In the Asterisk CLI I get Failure to Authenticate on these phones ( primarily the Polycoms )

We are not running the FreePBX Firewall as we have a PFSense Firewalls/Routers and VPNs in use… but we are running the Intrusion Detection piece. I Whitelisted the Failed phones IPs but they still showed up as Banned. After I cleared the Ban list, I even placed their IPs in IGNORE IP in Iptables and now I see them as “Not Banned” but they will NOT register.

We Factory Reset a couple phones and tried to Register it when it rebooted and got an IP address etc… I still get Failed to Authenticate errors on them.

I do not know where else to turn - I could some some help as to where do I need to look for a reason they are “Failing” or what I can do to get these phones registered.

I had only Chan_pjsip running so I enabled Chan_sip as BOTH – no luck.

Our Firewalls are open to 5060 UDP and 5061 TCP for Chan_pjsip and 5160 for Chan_sip.

These phones are on the same network out VoIP is on too.

Anyone ???

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