Audiohook.c:275 audiohook_read_frame_both: Read factory xx and write factory xx both fail to provide 160 samples

When a call is received, the annoucment start and there is a lot of log:

[2020-06-27 19:53:49] DEBUG[22076][C-00000740]: audiohook.c:287 audiohook_read_frame_both: Read factory 0x7facc402d4f8 was pretty quick last time, waiting for them.
[2020-06-27 19:53:49] DEBUG[22076][C-00000740]: audiohook.c:275 audiohook_read_frame_both: Read factory 0x7facc402d4f8 and write factory 0x7facc402df38 both fail to provide 160 samples

And sometimes, the system doesn’t play the announcement until I revalid the selected file in the system recording

If I just play the sound from freepbx web it’s work without error.

Any body know ??
I search a lot on internet but…

Best regards

Those messages are the result of MixMonitor, and are debug messages that should not be given any thought unless debugging a MixMonitor issue.

You’d need to provide non-debug actual trace of things, and also get a Wireshark capture to see where media is flowing.

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Thangs for your replay.
This occure when an external call arrive.
The announcment play the recording.
The announcment is not so clear and sometimes there is no announcment, but the first extension ring, bypassed the ivr.
This is a fresh Disto install in virtualbox/ubuntu. The machine is an I 5 8 Gb of RAM.
I can use wireshark, but please, can you be more precise the settings / filter ?
Many thaks.

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