Audiocodes and FreePBX

I have a predictive dialer and is connected to Audiocodes(Mediant 2000) via T1E1 trunk. This audiocodes is configured with FreePBX ip address.
I want to send calls from Dialer to Audiocodes to FreePBX. Audiocodes has been configured to send calls to FreePBX in Tel-to-IP settings. I see the calls leaving audiocodes and hitting FreePBX. I have created few extensions in FreePBX and an inbound route to a non-existing number. I dial this non-existing number from my dialer and looks like it is hitting FreePBX but with some random extensions that are not coinfigured in FreePBX.
What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions.

Check that out - it should give you a good idea how to look. The part about /var/log/asterisk/full is going to be particularly useful for you.

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