Audiocodes 320HD call pickup

Hi guys: I’m coming to the forums to seek help from anyone that might be experiencing the same issue I’m experiencing with my Audiocodes 320HD phone. Whenever a BLF monitored extensions is ringing, the only way to perform a call pickup is to press the BLF key while the handset is onhook. If you take the handset offhook and press the BLF key for the ringing extension, it will dial the extension instead of picking up the call.
Does anyone on the forum owns a 320HD and is experiencing the same issue?
I have the following options set on the phone’s web gui
Application server type: Asterisk
BLF activate: enabled
Call pickup: enabled

The firmware version is

I contacted Audiocodes but they just said that my phone is not under any support contact so they can’t help me.

Regards, Ariel.

That would be a firmeare thing on the phone. When it sees the handset off hook it behaves differently. Lots of phones do that.

Thanks Tony for the info. I imagined it could be a firmware issue, I was hoping someone who owns an Audiocodes 320HD phone would chime in and say “I’m experiencing the same issue too” so I could confirm all those phones behave the same way.

Unfortunately, Audiocodes support would not even tell me “that is the expected behaviour” without a support contract.

My clients are used to pick the handset and then press the BLF keys, as all their phones, either grandstream, yealink or linksys work that way. I wish I knew about the Audiocodes before buying it, because overall it is a great phone.

It would be how their phone operates. You need to work with AC on this. Crazy if they sell IP phones that they won’t process support on them.

Really strange that they’re not willing to even comment whether it is the expected behaviour or not. Now I know to stay away from them. Hopefully, another owner of a 3200HD might comment and confirm whether his phone behaves the same or not. Thanks again Tony.