Audiocodes 310HD provisioned with EndPoint Manager

I am trying to provision some Audiocodes 310HD. I dont know what is wrong with my template.
My Audiocodes310HD can receive calls, but they cannot place calls. There are 2 fields DigitMaps and Dialplan in the web interface of the Audiocodes. In Freepbx EPM Audiocodes template, I only have Dialplan.

Someone that uses Audiocodes with Freepbx can share how is Audiocodes configured and working properly? I want to use # to place my calls.


I have an audiocodes 320hd, and I configured it manually, you only have to specify the IP/name of the server, user ID and password, that is all you need.

Could you tell me if the fields Digitmap and Dialplan has something or are they empty? Did you use Automatically dial and Complete Call with #?


Problem solved! The audiocodes 310HD puts the DESTINATION address of Sip server in the wrong field. It did put in the SIP REGISTRAR field. The digitmaps and dialplan can be empty. Another mistaken is the EPM just has DIALPLAN field, and Audiocodes understand this field like digitmaps, and put one wrong NULL in dialplan rules.

I just fix the config file in the EPM editor, and now, my Audiocodes could be provisioned! :wink:

Please open a bug report so this can get fixed at

Thanks Tony. I have just opened it!