Audio quality adjustments?

Hello all,

So overall, I have been very please with the audio quality of my freepbx system.
However, some of our users have noticed that the on call voice quality to “muffled”. I would argue that all of our users were used to a more “tinny” / higher pitch sound from our old (VERY OLD 1980s) pbx system and now transferring to a modern system that has a more accurate quality.

However, we also have some older users that have a harder time hearing the deeper call audio.

To note: all of our audio sounds about the same regardless of incoming, outgoing, or internal calls.

I was wondering if there is any way to adjust the audio clarity or adjust the pitch or something else that might assist with this.

The audio is transmitted encapsulated by a ‘codec’ , your old 1980’s PBX used g711, which is still the most used in VOIP in the 2020’s but more and more ‘can’ be end to end over g722 , the ‘quailty’ of the call is limited by the audio constraints of both the codec and the hardware and degraded only by packet loss,delay and jitter in your network, an old 2500 set of the 1980’s used an electromagnetic ‘speaker’ about 2 inches in diameter and a ‘carbon granule’ microphone , nowadays both the speaker and the mike are of more modern design, but a Cisco will always be judged to sound better than Chinese manufactured piece althought he Choinese thing will behave better with your PBX.

You could if you want adjust the pitch but why would you want to do that?
there is little you can do with the audio apart from ensuring g722 on all parts of your side of the leg ( i.e. vsp to handset viaa PBX), and getting better network and using other hardware that is not considered to sound ‘muffled’


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