Audio formats for the IVR

Hello All,
I seem to be having some problems with loading audio files into my PIAF server ( PBX in a Flash Version 1.4 ). I have previously loaded .wav files following the instructed format of PCM Encoded, 16 Bits, at 8000Hz and this has worked, using a audio file format converter converting from .wma’s to .wav’s. But now we have made some recordings with ProTools in .wav format and it doesnt seem to work.

I load the file using the PBX Administration GUI>System Recordings, it shows up on the right side saying its in the system. I can even sample the recording via web browser. BUT when i apply this to our secondary IVR on a different incoming route, there is silence when the pbx answers the call, and functionality of destinations works (i.e. pressing 1 sends call to appropriate extension) But there is silence…

When i convert this same .wav file to mp3 it works fine. Why is it suggested to use .wav files if the server converts it to .mp3 anyways?? Is there an issue with .wav files? What is everyone else doing to load IVR recordings??

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



Try posting this question to the PBX in a Flash forum. It sounds like a file permission problem - ownership, group membership etc… of the uploaded wav file.

wav files are uncompressed and large files vs. mp3 which are compressed and significantly smaller in file size.

Thank you for this post Derrick. We had the same issue. Files bounced down in Windows Sound Recorder would work fine but anything that was done in ProTools would not.

After reading you post I just used i-tunes to convert the files to mp3 (cause I was no longer at the PT machine) and they worked fine. Pretty strange.

Thanks again.