Audio delay on all calls, external and internal

I am seeing about a 3/4 second audio delay on all calls internal and external, however, when I perform an echo test there is no noticeable delay. I am hosting my own PBX on site and the internal call I tested with was on two phones that are on the same network as the PBX. One is a Sangoma S500 and the other was a cell phone with Zoiper. I performed the echo test on both extensions. The Sangoma performed better than Zoiper, but both were tolerable as far as delay.

I recently rebuilt my PBX server with an SSD drive, 4GB of RAM, and a Core I3, so the computing power shouldn’t be an issue. I also have the jitter buffer turned off.

FreePBX version
Asterisk version 13.18.5

Any idea where to start looking for a solution?

Are you hearing a Delay… or an Echo? Those are 2 different things. You can have delay with no echo. Delay is normal given the VoIP Protocol has overhead and processing instead of straight copper lines.

I’m hearing a delay, not an echo. I know there will be some delay, but the 3/4 second or so I’m experiencing seems like too much. It makes it difficult to have conversations since it ends up being a 1.5 second delay by the time I hear someone stop talking to when they hear me.

One thing interesting to add that I just caught. When I speak into my Sangoma S500 phone there is a delay until I hear it on my Zoiper phone. But, if I speak into my Zoiper phone I can hear it on my Sangoma S500 phone with basically no delay. I also tested with a different extension and an Aastra phone. There was little to no delay between the Aastra and the Zoiper phone with audio going both directions.

So, it seems to be a Sangoma issue or my extension. Unfortunately, I don’t have another Sangoma phone in my office to test with.

is your firmware up to date on the sangoma?

I updated the firmware to and the problem still persists.

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