Audio delay making a call

Hi everyone!

I’ve a working freepbx running on a Pi4, it manage a pjsip trunk and a couple of phones. Nothing special. We usually don’t make calls, but i noticed something very strange!

Making a call i can’t earn any voice for the first 15-20 seconds, then all start to work great! I notice this problem is unidirectional, only me making the call can’t earn, but on the other side the sound works!

This happens using pjsip trunk (eutelia), internal iax2 trunk to another pbx and using a usb chain dongle that i have connected to my pbx.

This start to be a little bit annoying and i looking for some help for solve it, or maybe try!
I’m not a super expert, so please, tell me what you need, a log for example? in the moment of making a call?

Thanks a lot!

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My guess would be trying to do DNS resolution on a server that isn’t responding.

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What mean? The server, my raspberry, are connected to the same local network.

A DNS server, not a SIP server.

Oh, ok! i’m sorry!

Can you suggest me a way to verify this?

Use wireshark, or similar, on port 53.

Obviously, we should try DNS resolution on a server that isn’t responding first. In the call tracking system, audio calls that cause a delay still have one of the major glitches. We should react appropriately.

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