Audio Cuts Out on Office-end of Calls

I’d first like to mention that I’m fairly new to the company I’m working for. I don’t know much of anything about Linux, and I’m extremely new to Asterisk. I’m also currently in school for IT, but I’m not very far along. So, please… be gentle. :slight_smile:

As the subject states, one of our office members is experiencing audio issues while assisting customers. It will cut out on her end of the line, but the outside caller can hear her just fine. I’ve been told by other employees that they have also experienced this issue, and it seems to be associated with a trunk or two.

I’m not quite sure how to go about fixing this issue. I’m sure you’ll ask for system specifics, and I’d be happy to provide them for you (I just don’t know where/how to find what you’ll need).

I appreciate your help.